Landlord's Permission

Written permission is required from Bield before you can carry out any physical alterations (other than decoration works and laying carpets) to your home or garden area. 

For example, you will need written permission in advance before you can:

  • alter any heating, plumbing or electrical systems 
  • install a new kitchen or shower room
  • install laminate flooring 
  • install plumbed-in appliances 
  • change ceiling light fittings 
  • put up a shed 
  • remove or replace doors and partitions  

This is particularly important if you wish to claim compensation once your tenancy ends under The Scottish Secure Tenants (Compensation for Improvements) Regulations 2002 for qualifying improvement works such as kitchen or bathroom replacements.  Copies of receipts and invoices for the works are also required to claim compensation.  Your Local Manager, Housing Officer or Property Officer can advise you on this. 

Written permission is also required before you can use or store a motorised wheelchair or scooter in your development.  We advise that you obtain this authorisation prior to purchasing the motorised wheelchair or scooter as there may not be a safe place available for storage.