Our Purpose, Vision & Values

Bield Housing & Care are a not-for-profit organisation and Scottish Charity.  We are also a Registered Social Landlord.  

As one of the largest providers of housing and support services for older people in Scotland, we own or part own over 4,600 properties and operate across 22 local authorities.


Our Purpose

Our purpose explains why we exist.  Over the years, we have gradually broadened our scope from simply being an effective social landlord to our more ambitious, multi-dimensional purpose today:

We make it possible for more people to live their best lives, at home, surrounded by a supportive community.

Our 10-Year Vision

Acting as our 'north star', our 10-year vision will guide us towards a new, aspirational future where:

We will lead, set and deliver the global standard for ageing at home.


Our Values

We lead with our values.  They flow from our purpose and guide our everyday behaviours.

  • Ambition: we want to be the best at what we do and help our people to realise their potential.

  • Caring: we have a passion for supporting others.

  • Equality & Diversity: we deal with all people equally and celebrate diversity.

  • Dignity: we treat all people with respect.

  • Honesty: we are open, fair, just and act with integrity.

  • Inclusion: we involve our customers in what we do because their opinions matter.

  • Kindness: we understand that kind words and actions make our organisation great.


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