Property Management Service

As your landlord, we want to do everything we can to help keep you safe in your home.  Every year, we inspect, survey and test various components within your home including:

  • electrical installations
  • gas appliances and carbon monoxide detectors
  • mixer valves (these regulate water temperature) 
  • smoke and heat alarms
  • the condition of any asbestos  

Please help us to keep you safe and living independently by giving our staff access to your home when needed.


You can find out more about each of the following topics by clicking on the images:


Aids &
AdaptationsPerson on adapted chair

Inspection Edited


Electricity hazard symbol within circle

Fire extinguisher

Gas mask

Showerhead with water


Planned Work Investment

We are always investing in our homes.  Our improvements bring homes up to the most modern high-quality standards, improve energy efficiency and increase the safety and security of your development.

Some of the improvements we may make to your home include new kitchens, new bathrooms, new windows, new fire alarm systems, replacement heating and internal and external decoration works.  We call this our Planned Programme of Work.

A meeting will always be held in advance of any major works being carried out to explain the scope of the work and the timescales.  This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and make a request for any special arrangements that need to be considered. 



Making sure work is done properly is important to us.

We monitor our own performance and the performance of our contractors to ensure you receive a high-quality service.  We do this by carrying out a number of post-inspections to assess the quality of work undertaken.  We also regularly meet with our contractors to review and discuss any issues.

We really welcome your views on our services.  If you want to give us feedback, you can do this by emailing us at: