Area Managers and Property Officers

Our experienced staff are here to make sure your time as a Bield tenant is a happy one.  The level of staffing at your development depends on the type of housing you live in.  All developments have an Area Manager and Property Officer who ensure service levels at all our developments are of a high standard.


Area Manager 

You have a dedicated Area Manager who visits the development on a regular basis.  They meet with the manager and tenants who wish to discuss aspects of their housing service such as rent and benefits, information about transfers or issues regarding the communal facilities.

They will normally let your manager know the date of their next visit and you will be advised of this either via the development noticeboard or in person.  If you would like to meet with them in private you can ask your manager to arrange a visit or alternatively get in touch with them directly.


Property Officer

Each development has a Property Officer who routinely visits to ensure that the buildings are maintained to a high standard.  Your Property Officer will visit more regularly when major works are being carried out at your development.  They will also monitor the maintenance of grounds and communal systems, as well as authorising requests for alterations or improvements.

If you wish to meet your Property Officer you can ask your local manager or contact the Property Team to arrange a visit.