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Crosshill Gardens tenants ‘sleigh’ with new Christmas cuts

A Syrian refugee has given back to the community that welcomed him by offering up free Christmas haircuts to grateful tenants at Bield’s Crosshill Gardens. 

They benefited from a free haircut courtesy of Mounzer Darsani, a Syrian barber who sought refuge in Scotland in 2016 and has since opened up two barber shops in the area.

It was the second time Mounzer offered up his services after visiting earlier in the year to keep locks trimmed during the pandemic. He has now fulfilled his pledge to return later in the year and keep the tenants looking in tip-top shape.

Mr. Thomas Patton, a 69-year-old tenant at Crosshill Gardens, said: “To have a fresh haircut is excellent and myself and all of the other tenants who received a haircut are extremely grateful for Mounzer’s help. 

“Whenever someone volunteers their time and skills for us, we’re always very thankful. It’s great to be looking and feeling my best heading into the festive season.”

Since his move to Inverclyde, Mounzer has successfully launched his bustling Orient Salon barber shops, with one in Greenock and one on the Isle of Bute. 

When Mounzer and his family arrived in Inverclyde, he was welcomed with open arms by the local community, so much so that he has turned to offering his services in a charitable way.

Mounzer said: “It’s always a pleasure to offer up my services to the lovely people at Crosshill Gardens. After a successful visit earlier in the year, I promised to return to give everyone a fresh cut.

“People in Scotland have always been so welcoming since I first arrived and it is a mission of mine to continue contributing to the community by giving back as much as I can. 

“Although Christmas is a very happy time for most, it can be a lonely time for some people too so it’s important to me to try to spread as much kindness as I can. I’m hoping the tenants at Crosshill Gardens are delighted with their new trims and feel their best heading into the festive season!”