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Important notice: changes to housing application process

Bield, Hanover and Trust have been working in partnership since 2007 in relation to the allocation of a proportion of our properties across Scotland. 

Last year, after thoughtful consideration and collaborative discussions between our organisations, we announced that we would each be pursuing separate paths regarding allocations to better reflect our strategic priorities to support our customers.

From 1st April 2024, Bield, Hanover and Trust will have separate application and allocation processes.

As a result, the Home For You platform will no longer be in use.

Bield, Hanover and Trust have each developed allocation policies and systems tailored specifically to our customers.  If you are interested in applying for housing, please visit the website of each respective organisation.

Bield Housing & Care Hanover Scotland Trust Housing Association

For applicants who have already submitted applications and wish to inquire about their status, please reach out to the lead landlord for updates.

While we will no longer share the same platform, all three organisations will remain in close contact regarding our allocation processes and open to opportunities for collaboration again in the future.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this transition period.