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Loneliness Awareness Week

Foxy the therapy dog sitting between two tenants

Foxy the therapy dog

Foxy the therapy dog sitting with female tenant


Tenants in Arbroath recently received a special visit from a trained therapy dog who brought smiles, laughter and a sense of companionship.

Our Clyde Court development in Arbroath first welcomed Foxy the Golden Retriever in May of this year, and she is set to become a regular monthly visitor. 

This Loneliness Awareness Week, we aim to highlight the ways people of all ages can find joy from furry friends, with the overall aim to improve wellbeing and combat social isolation.

Tracy Murray, Development Manager at Clyde Court, said, “This was an amazing experience and all the residents loved Foxy. 

“Many of our residents had pets throughout their lifetimes, it’s fantastic to see the smiles and laughter Foxy brings. 

“We host a range of activities to ensure tenants don’t feel isolated, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to bring everyone together.”

With support from Therapet, managed by Canine Concern Scotland Trust, Foxy will visit the development and its 27 residents on a monthly basis. 

According to research conducted by the National Institute for Health and Care Research, older adults who face loneliness are more susceptible to developing mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. 

Tracey Howatt, Director of Customer Experience at Bield, said, "The positive impact Foxy has had in such a short time is truly heartwarming. At Bield, we believe in the power of companionship and the difference it can make in the lives of our tenants. 

“Loneliness is a significant issue amongst older adults, and initiatives like these are vital in helping to combat it. In addition to Foxy, Bield offers a range of services and activities designed to foster connection and community among our tenants. From social gatherings to hobby groups, we're dedicated to creating an environment where no one feels isolated or alone.”

Loneliness Awareness Week runs from 10th – 16th June and aims to create supportive communities to tackle loneliness across the country.