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Managing energy bills and support with energy costs

Managing energy bills

If you find your energy bill confusing, then you’re not alone.  Less than 50% of adults in the UK fully understand the jargon that energy companies use. 

If you’re one of the many people who find energy bills tricky, it might be tempting not to read them at all.  The Changeworks Energy Advice Library goes through the information you’ll find on a typical energy bill and explains any confusing terms. 

Click here for more advice on better understanding and managing your energy bills.

Support if you're struggling with energy costs

Struggling with energy costs can be very stressful, especially if you’ve got energy debt.  It’s very common for people to get into fuel debt and there’s plenty of support to help you through it.  

If you’re in fuel debt, don’t panic.  There’s lots of laws in Scotland that regulate what your supplier can and can’t do if you’re in debt.  The Changeworks advice pages can also take you through what to do and what to expect in the process.  Click here to get advice on how to manage energy costs.